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Viktor Liashko: Quality, Accessibility and Free Medical Care are the Main Priorities for the Next Year

27 December 2022

Under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Viktor Liashko, a meeting of the final board of the Ministry of Health was held, which was attended by members of the board, heads of structural divisions on health issues of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council and regional state administrations.

The Ministry of Health will continue to work to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care next year, as well as improve the response to reports of extortion of payment for services funded by the medical guarantee program. The board discussed the results of the healthcare sector, the formation of a capable network of hospitals, the program of medical guarantees for 2023 and prospects for the development of medical education for the next year.

“2022 was a year of challenges and invincibility. Despite daily attacks and threats, our medical system has survived, reoriented itself, and continues to provide medical care to Ukrainians in every region. In 2022 there are a number of unrealized projects that were postponed due to a full-scale invasion of terrorists, there are most of the successfully implemented ones planned, and there are also some of the implemented projects that we did not even plan, but they appeared in response to military challenges. 2023 will be a year of tirelessness for us, in which we will focus our activities not only on responding to daily challenges but also on developing the medical system and restoring it from the consequences of war,” the Minister of Health said during a speech at the final board of the MoH.

He emphasized that the medical system not only survived, but also made significant steps forward, in particular, unprecedented deliveries of medical devices and medical equipment to hospitals were made, and important European integration laws were adopted, namely Law of Ukraine “On the Public Health System" and Law of Ukraine "On Medicines".

Also, for more than 10 months of a full-scale war, 122 medical facilities affected by the invaders' shells have already been fully restored, and another 257 have been partially restored. Now the MoH together with its partners has already developed a plan to restore the medical system from the consequences of the war, which will allow not just to restore the destroyed medical infrastructure, but finally to build a healthcare system on the European model.

In addition, during the meeting of the board, the program of medical guarantees — 2023 was presented, which will include a number of new packages under which Ukrainians will be able to receive free services.

In the new year, the MoH will continue to implement the next stage of medical reform, within the framework of which a capable network of medical institutions will be created. The board discussed the draft Government decree, which (after adoption) will launch the introduction of modern approaches to the formation of a network of medical institutions.

In addition, during the meeting of the board, they discussed the specifics of admission to institutions of professional pre-primary and higher education next year and the organization of the educational process under martial law. After all, high-quality training of medical, pharmaceutical, and rehabilitation specialists at all levels of education is a key factor in the development of the National Health System and the provision of all types of medical care.

“Medical training remains one of our top priorities. As a result of the full-scale war in Ukraine this year, the organization of the entrance campaign was held in extreme conditions. The MoH and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, with the rectorates of higher education institutions have done everything possible so that talented and educated Ukrainian youth can enter and study at medical universities, and therefore strengthen Ukrainian health care,” the Minister of Health summed up.

Based on the results of the final board of the Ministry of Health, decisions were made that will contribute to providing Ukrainians with high-quality, affordable, and free medical care next year.