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Viktor Liashko Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation Between the Ministry of Health and PrivatBank and the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Helping is Easy!”

23 December 2022

Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko took part in the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Joint-Stock Company “Commercial Bank “PrivatBank” and the All-Ukrainian charitable foundation “Helping is Easy!” 

The main purpose of joint activities under the agreement is to cooperate in providing equipment to healthcare institutions that belong to the sphere of management of the MoH. Such cooperation will improve access and improve the quality of medical care for citizens in future, including military personnel affected by russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. 

“Every day civilians suffer and die due to russia’s armed aggression, civilian objects, including medical ones, continue to be destroyed, and the enemy is deliberately killing Ukrainians. However, we are not alone in this struggle for freedom and democratic principles. And the versatile global support and assistance to Ukraine is a powerful proof of this. Many international partners and allies demonstrate their unwavering and strong position of support. And this is really already a victory,” said the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko. “Another example of cooperation is the signing of a memorandum with our partners on comprehensive support and cooperation in the medical field. We will be able to overcome the devastating consequences of this war and improve access to basic health services for the population due to it. The Ministry of Health continues to do everything possible to ensure that the national health system copes with the workload and can recover as soon as possible.”

“PrivatBank has an excellent history of supporting the healthcare system of Ukraine. We were among the first to provide Ukrainian hospitals with ventilators and resuscitation equipment when COVID started,” said Gerhard Boesch, Chairman of the PrivatBank Management Board. “Today I am glad that our long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has been formalized. This will allow us to be more consistent, act faster, and provide support where and when it is most needed. As a practical step in implementing this memorandum, we have already planned to support 4 hospitals in Kramatorsk and 1 in Kurakhove. They will receive medicines and equipment with a total cost of more than UAH 15 million in the near future. I would like to note that such support, like any other support of PrivatBank, would not have been possible without our clients. This is all due to the generosity and willingness of our customers to maintain sustainability.” 

The main direction of cooperation between the MoH of Ukraine, CB PrivatBank and the All-Ukrainian charitable foundation “Helping is Easy!” is the development of long-term cooperation to provide medical institutions with the latest medical equipment, while taking into account the best world experience and existing wartime needs in the state. 

Also, such activities will be based on the introduction of modern methods and innovative technologies in the healthcare system of Ukraine. 

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine expresses its gratitude to all partners and allies for the help and important support provided to Ukraine during this difficult time.