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Viktor Liashko: Sweden will increase support for the restoration and development of Ukraine’s medical system

12 January 2024

This was announced by the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko following the conference entitled Promoting the Revival and Development of the Healthcare System of Ukraine. The conference was held in Stockholm with the participation of the Minister of Social Affairs and Health of Sweden Jakob Forssmed and the Minister of Health of Sweden Acko Ankarberg Johansson.

“For more than 21 months of war in different regions of Ukraine, the enemy has damaged 1474 medical facilities and destroyed another 194 facilities to the ground. Hospitals, clinics and maternity wards are often targeted by the enemy. At present, the needs for the restoration and development of the medical system over the next decade are estimated at 16.4 billion US dollars,” Viktor Liashko emphasized. “The support of international partners, constant frank dialogue and joint work are what allow the healthcare system to survive now and lay the foundation for development. I am grateful to Sweden for the platform for developing solutions and consolidating efforts.”

The minister emphasized that in addition to the direct losses of a full-scale war, there is a whole range of indirect losses that directly affect the state of the medical system and create new challenges. According to rough estimates, 20% of Ukrainians currently neglect their health problems. Firstly, we are talking about those who were forced to leave their homes. This will inevitably lead to a younger age of many diseases and an increased burden on the medical system in the future.

In addition, the country must respond to the new healthcare needs of its citizens. In particular, it is the development of a psychological assistance system, as about 15 million Ukrainians will need it. Another challenge is rehabilitation care. The number of people losing limbs is constantly increasing, so the state must ensure proper treatment and rehabilitation.

During the conference, the participants discussed the current state and needs of the Ukrainian healthcare system for recovery and further development, as well as specific mechanisms for how Swedish stakeholders can get involved and contribute. Representatives of Swedish companies were invited to join the discussion. In addition, the participants discussed a new strategy for cooperation between Sweden and Ukraine in the field of recovery and reforms for 2023-2027.


For reference:

Sweden has been actively helping Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. The total amount of assistance is about USD 2.8 billion. This does not include a significant portion of the EU assistance, which is provided from Sweden’s state material reserve. In 2023, Ukraine became the largest recipient of Swedish aid among the world’s countries. In addition to emergency aid, Sweden has significantly expanded its cooperation with Ukraine in the field of technical assistance. Sweden also regularly donates essential medicines and medical equipment to Ukraine. As part of the medical evacuation program (MEDEVAC), Ukrainian patients are treated in Sweden. In total, Sweden has allocated 108 hospital beds for this purpose.