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What medicines are needed in Ukrainian hospitals?

18 March 2022

Ukrainian doctors are fighting for the life and health of the civilians who suffer from shelling and bombing by Russian invaders. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, doctors continue saving lives under the whistle of bullets. 

While doctors are fighting on their front, our mission is to provide them with everything they need. Therefore, certain medicines, medical goods and consumables are needed today in hospitals in the frontline regions as never before.

Every day, the Ministry of Health receives dozens of appeals from volunteer organisations: how exactly can they help Ukrainian medical institutions, what drugs are most needed, what equipment do they lack?

That’s why we have created a priority list of medicines, medical goods and consumables that healthcare institutions primarily need. Please, take that into account when you are forming humanitarian aid. You can see it on the dashboard

Also, anyone who wish to join the provision of hospitals with medicines and other necessary materials can fill the form at: 

The Ministry of Health, in turn, thanks every volunteer, business owner and philanthropist who participates in provision of Ukrainian medical institutions.

Together we are the force that will certainly defeat the enemy!