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World Health Assembly condemns russia’s war against Ukraine and calls on russia to stop attacks on Ukrainian medical facilities

24 May 2023

80 countries voted in favor of the decision “Public Health Emergency in Ukraine and Countries Hosting and Receiving Refugees as a Result of the Aggression of the russian federation”.

This decision actually prolongs the implementation of last year's resolution on the Ukrainian issue, under which WHO helps our medical system to deal with the consequences of the russian war.

“Many thanks to the partner countries who continue to stand on the side of light - on the side of Ukraine and victory - for the second year of this bloody war. Today, 80 countries once again called on russia to immediately stop attacks on Ukrainian medical facilities and Ukrainian medics, who are targeted by the russian terrorist army almost every day. During these 15 months of war, russia has already killed 38 of our medics and wounded 102 more. It has damaged or destroyed about 1,500 medical facilities,” Viktor Liashko noted. 

In contrast to the pro-Ukrainian decision, russia, in its standard manipulative style, tried to absolve itself of responsibility for all attacks on the medical system. For its part, the russian federation submitted a counter-proposal recognizing the state of emergency in Ukraine’s healthcare system, but without mentioning its own role in the war. However, the russian proposal received only 13 votes and was rejected.

It should be recalled that the day before, the Ministry of Health reported that the WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Moscow would be closed. Its functions will be transferred to Copenhagen.