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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Under the Constitution of Ukraine, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Fundamental Principles of the Ukrainian Health Legislation’ and the Civil Code of Ukraine, all patients in Ukraine are entitled to quality healthcare and have all of the following rights:

1. the right to preventive healthcare;

2. the right to have access to health care services;

3. the right to give consent to or refuse medical procedure; 

4. the right to freedom of healthcare choice, in particular:

  • the freedom to choose doctors;
  • the freedom to choose healthcare treatment;
  • the freedom to choose a healthcare provider / facility;
  • the freedom to change doctors;
  • the right to treatment abroad in case there is no possibility to provide the necessary care or treatment in any of the healthcare facilities or institutions in Ukraine;

5. the right to medical privacy;

6. the right to quality medical care;

7. the right to safe medical care;

8. the right to innovative medical care, in particular:

  • the right to a medical and biological experimentation;
  • the right to assisted reproductive technology;
  • the right to donation;
  • the right to therapeutic cloning;
  • the right to sex reassignment surgery (sex change);

9. the right to be informed promptly of potential suffering and pain;

10. the right to be treated as an individual with unique needs and preferences;

11. the right to appeal against unlawful decisions and actions of medical staff, healthcare facilities and institutions;

12. the right to claim compensation for the damage caused to health;

13. the right to life and respect for human dignity in healthcare settings;

14. the right to protection from any form of discrimination in health care.


Every patient in Ukraine has all of the following responsibilities and obligations stipulated in the provisions of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Fundamental Principles of the Ukrainian Health Legislation’:

  1. to take care of one's own health and the health of one's children, as well as to not endanger other patients' health;
  2. to undergo preventive health check-ups and to be vaccinated according to the recommended schedule;
  3. to take necessary measures to provide first aid and emergency assistance to other citizens in any life- or health-threatening situation;
  4. every patient shall follow treatment schemes and doctor’s recommendations, as well as respect and observe the internal legal rules of the healthcare facility and the institutional order;
  5. In an emergency, where there is an obvious, immediate and real threat to life, every patient shall receive the necessary medical care or treatment without prior consent or a medical decision made by his/her legal representatives.