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What Services do Patients Pay for?


The Concept of Healthcare Financing Reform in Ukraine, adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, suggests implementing the government-guaranteed healthcare benefit package first. It will be subject to contractual relations between the government (the single national purchaser of health services) and healthcare facilities of all types.

Secondly, the Concept provides for the introduction of new methods of performance-based payment to providers, which means paying for the services in compliance with the "money follows the patient" principle. 

Therefore, most primary care services are now covered by the National Health Service of Ukraine at the expense of health insurance funds and provided free-of-charge, just like with emergency care. The government pays for the guaranteed benefit package of healthcare services for individuals, and healthcare providers compete for these funds. Services beyond the guaranteed package can be paid or co-paid for by patients directly or by other health insurance types.

  • What to do if your doctor asks for money?

Call the National Health Service hotline or contact the nearest NHSU regional office. Any illegal requests for payment for the services covered under the guaranteed package and paid by the NHSU constitute a legitimate reason to terminate a contract with a family physician and for this doctor -- a risk of being prohibited to practice medicine within the NHSU system.

  • Will I get necessary care if I do not contract with a family doctor?

Of course, emergency care is provided to all patients under any circumstances. But if a patient seeks secondary care (needs to visit a specialist) and has no referral from a primary care doctor, this visit will not be covered by the guaranteed package, which means that such patients will have to pay for the services provided out of own pockets.