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200 primary healthcare facilities to be equipped with solar panels

3 August 2023

As part of the joint project of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Bank “Strengthening the Healthcare System and Saving Lives” (HEAL UKRAINE), proposals from primary healthcare facilities for the installation of solar energy equipment are being selected.

More than 1,000 medical institutions from different oblasts of Ukraine have applied to participate in the project. It is planned that 200 primary healthcare facilities will be selected as part of the project and fitted out with solar equipment.

Thus, due to constant rocket attacks and strikes by the russian army, many infrastructure facilities, including medical facilities, are becoming victims of terror and destruction. In addition, due to the shelling, some territories of Ukraine are in blackouts or emergency power outages.

In order to meet the urgent needs of medical institutions for critical equipment for stable and uninterrupted operation in an emergency, the selected medical facilities will be provided with solar power plants. This allows them to use solar energy as a source of power and accumulate it.

In addition, the installation of solar panels will significantly save electricity costs and direct these funds to other needs of the institutions.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and its partners will continue to work to ensure the stable operation of medical infrastructure despite the war.

It should be recalled that Odesa Children’s City Polyclinic No. 6 was recently equipped with solar panels and batteries.