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An online meeting of the Minister of Health of Ukraine with the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States and representatives of the public organization “Protez Foundation” was held

11 January 2023

Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko held an online meeting with Oksana Markarova, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States and representatives of the public organization “Protez Foundation”. The interlocutors discussed further cooperation on prosthetics of defenders of Ukraine in the United States of America. 

Now the public organization “Protez Foundation”, actively cooperating with the Ukrainian side, has provided prosthetics to 33 defenders of Ukraine. Children and civilians who suffered due to the armed aggression of the rf also received prosthetics. The organization provides transportation of victims to the United States, finances the manufacture of prosthetics and the return of Ukrainians after prosthetics to Ukraine. Also, now they are organizing a center for servicing installed prostheses in Ternopil.

“I am sincerely grateful to all our partners who have been actively supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians since the beginning of the war. Our defenders, soldiers who sacrificed their health to defend our country, deserve to return to normal life as soon as possible. We are working together to ensure that more victims of russian terror are provided with the necessary prosthetics,” Viktor Liashko said. 

Due to the war in Ukraine, the number of wounded defenders and civilians in need of further rehabilitation is constantly growing. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine is grateful for the support of our defenders, their rehabilitation and return to normal life. For its part, the Ministry provides all necessary assistance in organizational matters, documentation, and logistics.