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Backup power during power outages: healthcare facilities in 20 regions of Ukraine received 300 Battery Systems

5 March 2024

Thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with donors, healthcare facilities in 20 regions of Ukraine and Kyiv received 300 battery systems. The devices will provide hospitals with backup power, so doctors will be able to continue saving lives even during power outages or power cuts.

In total this year, Ukraine will receive 2,000 battery systems as part of the Power for Health project. The devices are delivered to Ukraine in batches and distributed to critical infrastructure facilities.

"Ukraine has been using battery systems since the first months of the full-scale war. The systems provide backup power to hospitals, schools, emergency services and other critical infrastructure facilities. Thanks to our cooperation with donors, we have received another large-scale batch of 300 battery systems for healthcare facilities so that doctors can work and save lives. In total, this year Ukraine will receive 2,000 devices as part of the Power for Health project. We continue to work on technological solutions for our country," said Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development, Minister of Digital Transformation.

Powerwall systems work on the principle of power banks: they are charged from electricity and hold a charge for 12-14 hours. They are highly autonomous and provide stable power during power outages.

"Every day our medical facilities are subjected to targeted attacks by Russia. Each such attack endangers the lives of patients. Ensuring uninterrupted medical care under any conditions and being prepared for different scenarios is our main task in the realities of war. We are working to ensure that hospitals are equipped with everything they need and can continue to operate in the event of emergency power outages or complete blackouts. In particular, Ukrainian medical institutions are now provided with more than 10,000 generators for uninterrupted power supply. They have also begun to equip medical facilities with alternative and environmentally friendly sources of electricity, including solar panels. The 300 battery systems energy storage systems received will strengthen medical institutions in 20 regions of Ukraine. I am grateful to our international partners for this assistance," said Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine.

Since the outbreak of full-scale war, Ukraine has already received more than 500 battery systems energy storage systems, which were delivered to the frontline regions. The devices have been installed in hospitals, schools, ASCs and other critical and social infrastructure facilities.

«It is a privilege for Direct Relief to provide this donation of essential battery technology, which is possible only because of the generosity of so many people around the world who share a deep concern for the health and welfare of the Ukrainian people,» said Thomas Tighe, Direct Relief president and CEO.  «Direct Relief will continue to work with the Ministries of Health and Digital Transformation to provide humanitarian health assistance to the Ukrainian people now in the third year of extreme hardship caused by the war.»

Ukraine receives 2,000 battery systems as part of the Power for Health project from the American charity Direct Relief with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Yevhen Pivovarov Charitable Foundation.