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Due to the war, Ukrainians are seeking medical care less often - Ihor Kuzin

25 May 2023

The fight against non-communicable diseases (such as cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, oncological pathology, and diabetes) and strengthening the work of family medicine doctors are among the priorities of the public health system for the Ministry of Health. On October 1, 2023, the Law on the Public Health System comes into force, and the control and prevention of non-communicable diseases is transferred to the regional centers for disease control and prevention. This is the final stage of the transition from the system of the “soviet” sanitary and epidemiological service to the updated European public health system.

“Over the past year, 30% of Ukrainians have become less likely to seek medical care. This is a problem of undiagnosed diseases that the medical system will face over the next 5-10 years. That is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the oblast level will be responsible for key public health issues: vaccination of the population and prevention of non-communicable diseases. Today, the CDCs are equipped with modern cold rooms, refrigerators, and freezers according to WHO standards; there are no more soviet refrigerators. The CDCs are provided with buses for vaccination and medical care in remote settlements. All this brings quality medical services closer to the patient, wherever he or she is,” explained Deputy Minister, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Ihor Kuzin.

The priorities of the Ministry of Health for public health are quality, free and accessible medical care for every patient. Medical guarantee programs operate at the state level. Every patient who has signed a declaration with a primary care doctor can come for an examination and, if necessary, undergo 8 basic laboratory and diagnostic tests (blood, urine, blood glucose, total cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, height, electrocardiogram, rapid pregnancy tests, troponins, HIV, viral hepatitis). For this purpose, the Medical Guarantee Program provides for the Primary Health Care package.

Also, the packages of services under the Medical Guarantee Program provide for further screenings and additional tests in case of cardiovascular or oncological diseases, diabetes as prescribed by a family doctor. Each patient can learn more about them from his or her family doctor.