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Europe Day: key achievements and priorities of the Ministry of Health on the way to Ukraine's accession to the EU

9 May 2023

For the first time, Ukraine celebrates Europe Day simultaneously with the EU countries — on 9 May. The appropriate decree was signed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy the day before. We will talk about the key achievements over the past year and the main current priorities in bringing healthcare in Ukraine closer to European standards. 

Ukraine is gradually bringing its legislation and practices closer to the principles and provisions of European Union Law (EU acquis). Over the past year, two of the key laws have been adopted on the way to European integration thanks to the active cooperation of all branches of government — the law "On the public health system" and a new version of the law "On medicines"

In addition, the Ministry continues to work fruitfully with a number of projects, in particular with EU4Health program, which funds initiatives in priority areas of EU Health in the form of grants.

“Ukraine is integrating more and more into the European space every day: we not just synchronize our calendars, but also deepen and accelerate our work on the implementation of European norms and standards. After all, our key goal is not only to become a full-fledged member of the EU, but also to integrate the best European trends and requirements into the Ukrainian healthcare system: approaches to disease prevention and treatment, educational programs, quality standards,” said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko. 

This year, public health issues remain key European integration priorities — the development and approval of about a hundred bylaws is ahead. In particular, the Ministry of Health continues to work:   

  • In the field of blood donation, the relevant committee is currently approving the draft legislation on strengthening responsibility in the field of blood donation and its components. At the finish line is the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding the licensing conditions for carrying out economic activities for the preparation and testing of donated blood and its components, as well as the order of the Ministry of Health on approval of requirements for subjects of the blood system. In addition, in the near future, the Ministry of Health expects an order of the Cabinet of Ministers which will approve the Strategy for the development of voluntary blood donation in Ukraine. 
  • In the field of tobacco control, the next step is to ratify the protocol of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which will contribute to international control of tobacco distribution chains and prevent the creation of illegal sales networks.
  • In the field of epidemiological control of infectious diseases is working on the new law “On protection against infectious diseases”, as well as the accomplishment of the National Action Plan on the implementation of international health regulations in Ukraine.
  • In the field of bioprotection and biosecurity that is the development and adoption of the law “On biological protection and biosecurity”.
  • In the field of prevention of non-communicable diseases that is the implementation of EU radiation protection standards in Ukrainian legislation (exposure to ionizing radiation).  

“European integration is primarily about three main tasks: adapting legislation, expanding economic freedoms, and dialogue with the European Commission. Equivalent work in all three areas will enable Ukraine to achieve success in reforming healthcare in accordance with the best European and international standards in the shortest possible time,” said Deputy Minister of Health for European Integration Maryna Slobodnichenko. 

Equally important is the work aimed at stimulating the development of pharmaceutical production in Ukraine and improving access to medicines. In particular, the Ministry of Health is intensifying work on expanding the ACAA (Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products) agreement to the pharmaceutical sector, including in the context of recognition of Ukrainian GMP certificates in the EU.