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France to join the development of a network of mental health centers in Ukraine

14 July 2023

This was discussed during a meeting between Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko and Pierre Heilbronn, Special Envoy of the President of France for Ukraine’s Relief and Reconstruction, and representatives of his team.

The participants paid attention to the key areas of cooperation between the countries in the field of healthcare. These are strategically enshrined in the declaration signed by the Ministers of Health of Ukraine and France in April this year in Lviv.

“I thank the French people for their incredible support since the beginning of the full-scale war, for their constant cooperation and quick response to the needs that arise in the medical field. Together, we manage to keep the medical front in extremely difficult conditions of constant enemy attacks and look to the future, working on strategic projects aimed at developing the medical system in accordance with the best European standards,” said Viktor Liashko.

Pierre Heilbronn, the French President’s Special Envoy for Ukraine’s Relief and Reconstruction, reaffirmed his comprehensive support for our country and the priority of the healthcare sector.

Specific step-by-step plans for the implementation of each project are being developed in accordance with the areas outlined in the declaration. In particular, it is about exploring the possibilities of rebuilding hospitals on a modular basis in the de-occupied territories. This will ensure that people have access to the necessary medical care as soon as possible. The functioning of hospitals is an important factor in the return of our citizens to the recaptured cities. We are currently working on the legal aspects of the project.

Another significant topic is the development of a system of mental health services and psychosocial support. Currently, Ukraine is implementing the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program “How Are You?” at the initiative of the First Lady. Within its framework, each ministry implements its own flagship project.

The Ministry of Health, in particular, is working to increase the capacity of primary and specialized healthcare facilities in accordance with the Ministry’s priority project, Mental Health Care in the Structure of Medical Care. This is to ensure that high-quality and affordable services are available to all who need them. France, for its part, is ready to join the development of a network of mental health centers in Ukraine.

The meeting participants also discussed cooperation between Ukrainian and French hospitals, training of our doctors, and opportunities for experience exchange. More detailed agreements are planned to be recorded during the satellite summit of health ministers within the framework of the First Ladies and Gentlemen Summit, which is to be held in Ukraine in early September.