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Hospitals in Kyiv and Ternopil oblasts received operating microscopes purchased with funds raised through UNITED24

17 June 2023

Kyiv City Clinical Emergency Hospital and Ternopil Regional Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital have received modern operating microscopes for neurosurgery purchased by Medical Procurement of Ukraine for funds raised through UNITED24. The cost of each is UAH 7,535,963.00.

“These operating microscopes are high-tech and are used in neurosurgery to perform the most complex surgical interventions. With their help, neurosurgeons will be able to perform operations on the brain and spinal cord. The advantage of the equipment is a high-quality optical image that can be magnified up to 14 (!) times,” says Mariia Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development. “One of the important features of the microscope is the adjustable illumination of the operating field. This makes it possible to focus and adjust the work at any angle,” adds Volodymyr Shkrobut, general director of the Ternopil Regional Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital. “In addition, during the intervention, the image is displayed on a separate monitor. The operating team is able to see the progress of the intervention and can respond quickly and accurately to any situation. Autofocus allows adjusting the image clarity without manual control and has the ability to record the operation.”

By the way, the Ternopil Regional Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital recently performed the first operation using the aforementioned microscope. It was performed on the spinal cord and was successful.

It should be recalled that more than 150 external fixation devices, 9 ventilators, and 4 operating microscopes have already been purchased for funds raised through UNITED24.