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In the first seven months of 2023, the Ministry of Health has contracted medicines and medical devices ordered by the Ministry of Health at a total cost of UAH 4 billion

4 August 2023

More than a year into the full-scale war, the Ministry of Health and Medical Procurement of Ukraine continue to provide hospitals with the necessary medical equipment, medicines and other supplies. Procurement of goods and medical devices supports medical institutions in difficult times and enables hospitals to save money.

Thus, within the framework of centralized procurement, 547 items of medicines and medical devices worth almost UAH 4 billion were contracted in seven months of 2023. Some contracted goods have already been shipped to medical institutions this year for more than UAH 325.5 million. This year, the company also plans to purchase medical equipment worth more than UAH 2 billion. These include linear accelerators, MRI machines, forensic equipment, etc.

In addition, medical supplies worth UAH 5.9 billion purchased in 2022 have already been delivered to hospitals.

Today, hospitals can use the Prozorro Market electronic catalog, the medical part of which is administered by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, to purchase medical goods. It allows for fast, reliable and convenient purchases using the request for quotation tool, saving public funds. The catalog currently includes more than 3,800 medical products of various categories. Sales of medical products through the e-catalog in the first seven months of 2023 amounted to UAH 285 million.

This year, 2,600 hospitals purchased goods using the e-catalog. They concluded 2,353 agreements. Thus, we managed to save UAH 31 million.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Medical Procurement of Ukraine continue to work to ensure that hospitals have all the necessary medical equipment, drugs and other medicines. The purchased goods are distributed to medical institutions in accordance with the actual needs of the region.