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In the full-scale war, russia destroyed and captured almost 500 ambulances, while more than 1,300 new cars were delivered to medical institutions

12 August 2023

During the full-scale war, the russians damaged 103 ambulances and destroyed 252 vehicles. Another 125 ambulances are believed to have been seized.

“Modern vehicles are crucial for emergency medical care. They help our heroic medics save lives, both civilian and military, when the clock is ticking. At a time when one country is cynically destroying our medical infrastructure and killing people, the entire civilized world has united to help us resist this evil. I am grateful to all our partners who are lending us their reliable shoulder of support in this difficult time. We will stand together. Victory will definitely be ours,” said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.

Despite the fact that russian terrorists are destroying and seizing ambulances, the Ministry of Health, together with international partners, continues to provide medics with the necessary vehicles.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 1305 units of medical and other vehicles have been delivered to medical institutions. In particular, 604 vehicles were delivered in 2022 and another 701 since the beginning of 2023.

Some vehicles were purchased at the expense of the state budget and UNITED24 donors, while others were received as part of joint projects with international partners and as humanitarian aid.

It should be recalled that Ukraine received seven ambulances last week.