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International medical partnership: 25 Ukrainian hospitals got counterparts abroad

7 September 2023

The International Healthcare Partnership is a project to be implemented under the auspices of the Third Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen. This year, within the framework of the Summit, a Satellite Summit of Ministers of Health from various countries took place. 14 health ministers from all around the world attended the event. Eventually, the Summit launched a major project: The International Medical Partnership Program. Hospitals from different parts of Ukraine signed memorandums of cooperation with the world's leading clinics to take on the best practices and share their own. 

In addition to health ministers from around the world, the event was also attended by heads of leading hospitals, both Ukrainian and international.

"Due to the full-scale war, our medical system is forced to overcome new challenges every day. russia has already damaged 1427 medical facilities and destroyed another 189 to the ground. The enemy kills doctors right at their workplaces, destroys equipment and tries to inflict maximum losses on the medical system. That is why now our medical institutions are in need of a reliable shoulder of support more than ever. However, even under such extremely challenging conditions, continuous development is of crucial importance for us. The International Medical Partnership Program is a significant step towards this direction.  It involves signing a memorandum of cooperation between specific medical institutions – Ukrainian and foreign ones. This means that a Ukrainian medical institution will get a counterpart abroad to exchange experience with, adopt best practices, train doctors, etc.", Olena Zelenska said.