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International medical partnership: in February, more than 130 Ukrainian doctors were trained abroad

13 March 2024

Despite the full-scale war, Ukrainian doctors continue to improve their professional skills and knowledge. This is important to provide patients with high-quality and modern care. Thus, Ukrainian doctors learn from the experience of leading international clinics and share their own.

In February 2024, 132 healthcare workers, including 54 doctors from 26 medical institutions from different regions of Ukraine, took part in scientific events (conferences, congresses, forums), educational events (internships, training, workshops, seminars), and experience exchange.

Ukrainian doctors have been trained in such countries as: Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Israel. It should be noted that such training exchanges are part of an international medical partnership.

“Thanks to the international medical partnership program, Ukrainian doctors today have the opportunity to improve their professionalism, knowledge and skills to improve the quality of medical care in Ukraine. It is also important that our doctors not only learn but also teach. The experience of the pandemic and full-scale war has posed many challenges to our medical system. We have survived and continue to work. We have a lot to share with our foreign colleagues. All of this contributes to the sustainability of the healthcare system at the global level. Direct cooperation between medical institutions allows for regular exchange of experience and prompt implementation of the world’s best practices. This is what contributes to building modern high-quality medicine in Ukraine,” said Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the International Medical Partnership Project is implemented under the auspices of the Third First Ladies and Gentlemen Summit. The Summit launched the International Medical Partnership Program.

Initially, 25 Ukrainian hospitals were assigned “twin” hospitals in different countries to share experience and best international practices. To date, 34 memorandums of cooperation have been signed.

It should be recalled that recently, another 10 Ukrainian and 2 leading German hospitals have agreed on a medical partnership.