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More than UAH 400 million from the medical guarantee program will be transferred to a subvention for providing insulin

9 June 2021

Prior to the introduction of reimbursement of insulin preparations through the National Health Service, it is necessary to extend funding through a medical subvention until October 1. Therefore, UAH 433 million was transferred from the program of medical guarantees for these needs to a subvention that will go to the regions. The relevant amendments are provided for in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the redistribution of certain state budget expenditures provided for by the Ministry of Health for 2021”. This resolution was approved by the government. The funds will go to the regions and local authorities should provide patients with insulin-dependent diabetes with the necessary medications. The process of writing prescriptions and receiving medications will be carried out according to the current categorization rules and according to the paper prescription.

In turn the launch of the process of reimbursement of insulin preparations and medicines for the treatment of diabetes insipidus through the National Health Service provides for the following stages:

  • - On July 1, 2021, it will be mandatory to maintain medical records regarding the treatment plan of such patients and register them in the system. Doctors will also be trained to work with new electronic tools that will be introduced in the program.
  • - Starting from October 1, 2021, reimbursement of the cost of these medicines will begin through the NHS. An electronic prescription will be introduced for insulin — the one that is currently in effect in the “Affordable Medicines” program. Such prescriptions will be prescribed by endocrinologists, as well as primary care doctors. Patients will receive medicines under this prescription free of charge or with a surcharge in pharmacies that will have a contract with the NHS, and the National Health Service of Ukraine will reimburse pharmacies for the released medicines.

According to forecasts, more than 217,000 people will need insulin preparations in 2021. The disease is one of the three that most often cause disability, as well as death. Therefore, such patients and their needs are in the special focus of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service. The gradual introduction of changes in the administration of the insulin supply program will work in the best interests of the patient and is designed to improve access to these vital medicines.