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New medical facility to be built on the site of destroyed outpatient clinic in Sumy oblast at UNITED24 expense

23 January 2024

The outpatient clinic in the village of Khukhra in the Chernechchyna rural territorial community in Sumy oblast, which was destroyed in the spring of 2022 as a result of a russian air strike, will be rebuilt. The outpatient clinic will be built from scratch at the expense of the UNITED24 fundraising platform. The total cost of this construction is UAH 24.5 million.

This solution will help to solve one of the primary problems of the oblast, namely, to provide the population with the necessary medical services despite the challenges of a full-scale war.

The relevant decision on the distribution of funds was made by the Government of Ukraine at the end of 2023. Funds of UAH 24.5 million from the UNITED24 account have already been allocated as a subvention from the state budget to the budget of the Chernechchyna rural territorial community for the new construction of a general family medicine outpatient clinic.

For almost two years of full-scale war, the russian army has been targeting Ukrainian cities and destroying civilian infrastructure, including hospitals. The frontline regions are particularly affected.

In particular, in Sumy oblast, russia has destroyed 5 medical facilities and severely damaged 45 more. 22 medical facilities in the oblast have already been fully restored and another 12 have been partially restored.