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Over 15 months of full-scale war, russia has damaged or destroyed 1,554 medical facilities

15 June 2023

More than a year into the full-scale war, the russian army continues to target Ukrainian infrastructure, launch rocket attacks and shell peaceful cities and civilians. Thus, since russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, enemy shells have damaged 1,370 medical facilities and destroyed another 184 facilities.

The medical infrastructure of Kharkiv, Kherson, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, and Kyiv oblasts suffered the greatest losses. However, despite the constant bombardment, Ukraine continues to rebuild medical facilities.

In particular, as of June 2023, 301 medical facilities have been fully restored and another 332 have been partially restored. 

Despite the daily shelling and the challenges faced by Ukraine’s healthcare system, the Ministry of Health and its partners will continue to work to restore Ukraine’s medical infrastructure from the consequences of the war.