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Shocking statistics: for more than 14 months of war, russia damaged or destroyed more than 1,400 medical facilities

8 May 2023

Since the first day of the full-scale war, russia has continued to strike at Ukraine's medical infrastructure. The enemy systematically destroys hospitals, outpatient clinics, maternity hospitals and polyclinics.

Since the full-scale invasion, russian missiles and shells have destroyed 177 medical facilities and damaged another 1,256 facilities. This was stated by First Deputy Minister of Health Serhii Dubrov during the national telethon. 

“Every week we see how the statistics of losses of medical infrastructure are growing, we see how russians purposefully destroy our medical institutions. However, despite this, we continue to restore and rebuild the medical infrastructure of Ukraine. First of all, we are rebuilding those institutions that have received minor damage, as well as those where citizens need medical care. If this is a small locality, then the issue is solved due to the work of mobile emergency medical teams and the installation of modular health points in modular hospitals or hospitals,” said Serhii Dubrov.  

Now the greatest losses were suffered by the medical infrastructure of Kharkiv, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions.   

However, despite this, some medical institutions have already been restored in Ukraine. Namely, we are talking about de-occupied territories that received minor damage as a result of enemy shelling and bombing - windows were broken, the facade was damaged, and so on. 

It should be noted that for more than 14 months of a full-scale war, 237 medical facilities were fully restored, and more than 280 were partially restored.