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“The healthcare system is ready to respond to the challenge of a new wave of COVID-19”, - Ihor Kuzin

26 August 2021

The number of cases of infection with the Delta coronavirus strain in Ukraine is gradually growing: 147 cases were confirmed on August 5, and 520 on August 20. However, according to Ihor Kuzin, Deputy Minister of Health and Chief State Sanitary doctor of Ukraine, this trend should not take Ukraine by surprise. According to him, during the summer, the healthcare system at all levels: from representatives of the Ministry of Health to heads of medical institutions, together with international and national partners, prepared for possible challenges of a new wave of coronavirus.

In Ukraine, 256 hospitals providing specialized care for COVID-19 have been identified and prepared. They are divided into institutions of different response waves. The capacity is almost 39 thousand beds, of which 96% are provided with oxygen. In addition, 14,790 oxygen concentrators, 161 computer tomographs and 148 x-ray machines were purchased and received in the regions.

On August 22-23, Ukraine received humanitarian aid from Poland: oxygen concentrators, heart monitors, pulse oximeters, medical gloves, surgical masks, etc. This reserve will strengthen the existing equipment and personal protective equipment formed in support hospitals.

The laboratory network is equipped with all consumables for detecting coronavirus. Across the country, a stock of tests for more than 2 million studies and 2.3 million rapid tests for antigen determination has been formed. In September, reagents for 4 million PCR studies and 2.8 million rapid antigen detection tests are expected to be delivered. The contact person tracking system has also been updated, making it much faster.

In the fourth quarter of this year, sequencing of laboratory samples will be launched in the own reference laboratory of the state institution “Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”. Delta strain will be diagnosed by PCR at the regional and national levels.

Active work continues on adapted routes that, if necessary, will allow patients to be delivered to the nearest hospitals in neighboring regions by a clear and shortest route.

“Now the healthcare system is ready to respond to the challenge of a new wave of COVID-19 caused by the Delta strain of coronavirus”, says Ihor Kuzin. “But remember that the usual preventive measures (wearing masks, washing hands, using antiseptics, maintaining physical distance) can protect you and your family from COVID-19 infection, and vaccination will protect you from severe illness, hospitalization or death from COVID-19”.

Register for vaccinations to protect your life and health, as well as people nearby!

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