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The Ministry of Health and the French Healthcare Association signed memorandums of cooperation

21 June 2023

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the French Healthcare Association have signed a memorandum of cooperation at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London.

The aim is to restore the medical infrastructure destroyed or damaged as a result of the full-scale war, namely, to install and equip modular medical care centers. Modular medical facilities are in no way inferior to those built using standard technology. However, thanks to modular designs, the construction time is significantly reduced. They are built in compliance with all norms and standards and allow for the installation of high-tech equipment.

It should be noted that over the course of more than a year of war in Ukraine, 1,370 medical facilities have been damaged and another 184 destroyed.

Some medical facilities have already been restored, including those in the de-occupied territories that sustained minor damage as a result of enemy shelling and bombing - broken windows, damaged facades, etc.

“It is extremely important to restore Ukrainians' access to medical care, first of all, in the de-occupied territories and areas of environmental disaster. That is why we are considering the possibility of building modern modular hospitals - full-fledged medical facilities built of modular structures with full engineering equipment, manufactured in a factory and assembled on a construction site,” says Mariia Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development, participant of the international conference.

By the way, this is not the first such cooperation with the French. Representatives of the French pharmaceutical company Servier expressed their readiness to join the restoration of the medical infrastructure damaged by russia's full-scale invasion.

In addition, the conference discussed joining efforts to ensure early diagnosis of breast cancer in Ukraine, improve treatment methods for this disease in our country and, as a result, reduce mortality.