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The Ministry of Health and USAID have updated the priority areas of cooperation

5 June 2023

The management of the Ministry of Health and the USAID Office of Health discussed current areas and the possibility of expanding cooperation, including in support of European integration priorities in medicine.

This is the last month of the current USAID Health Office Director Ben Zinner’s tenure in Ukraine, and therefore, to ensure the sustainability of cooperation, a joint meeting to discuss all current USAID health projects was extremely important.

The priorities for further cooperation between the Ministry of Health and USAID include support for health care reforms and capacity building of health care facilities, combating infectious diseases, immunization, mental health, rehabilitation, global health, and countering COVID-19. Within the framework of the existing areas, USAID plans to deepen cooperation and, if possible, to facilitate and provide technical support to the Ministry of Health in its European integration tasks.

“Ukraine’s path to the EU requires very serious transformational work. We have already started working with the Pact project, which, thanks to USAID funding, was able to provide us with support very quickly and join the work on the European integration priorities of the Ministry of Health. We expect that cooperation within this project will continue and expand,” said Deputy Minister for European Integration Maryna Slobodnichenko.

According to Ben Zinner, Director of the Office of Health, USAID believes that the European integration movement is a great opportunity for Ukraine and is considering two areas for enhanced technical assistance and cooperation – pharmaceutical regulation and global health security.