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Ukraine presents vision of healthcare system development in 2030 and investment opportunities in London

22 June 2023

Ukraine's place in a changing world, the current state of the healthcare sector, and opportunities for the private sector and investment were discussed at a panel discussion with international and Ukrainian businesses at the Ukraine Recovery Conference.

The event was aimed at presenting a vision of the future of Ukraine's healthcare sector: its development vector and practical ways to overcome the biggest challenges. It also presented investment opportunities, unique cases and advantages of our country in the healthcare sector. Speakers and participants of the event presented and discussed unique cases of our country's healthcare system, which continues to work steadily in the face of severe aggression: implementing reforms, developing digitalization of the industry, and demonstrating opportunities for growth.

The goals set out in the vision of the healthcare system development until 2030 include universal access to quality healthcare services and tools for realizing the right to health, transparent policies and capacity of the system's institutions, as well as conditions for developing and realizing potential, including human resources, modern technologies and scientific achievements, digitalization, attracting investment, and improving the economic efficiency of the sector.


“In Ukraine, the healthcare system is based on the principles of human-centeredness, evidence-based approach, joint provision of services with the joint participation and equal partnership of the state, business and citizens. We are forming a service market with transparent and fair rules,” said Mariia Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine for Digital Development. “We are also demonstrating investment opportunities to international business, and have a consistent government action plan to realize the prospects of public-private partnerships in such areas as medical services, medical infrastructure, medical tourism, pharmaceutical industry, clinical trials, etc.”

“The full-scale aggression of the russian federation has caused large-scale damage to Ukrainian society and the medical sector in particular. These include massive human casualties, including among civilians and the medical community, destruction of medical infrastructure (1,554 healthcare facilities were damaged or completely destroyed), and disruption of access to medical services,” said Oleksii Yaremenko, Head of the Recovery Office of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. “Therefore, it is extremely important to comprehensively restore the healthcare system, compensate and reimburse for resource losses caused by the war, and restore the country's overall potential. Despite all the challenges, Ukraine and its people demonstrate resilience by defending their independence and territorial borders, as well as by implementing the movement for accession to the European Union and changes within the country.”

The foreign partners praised Ukraine's achievements in implementing the infrastructure phase of the healthcare reform, the potential of the pharmaceutical market, the increased digitalization of the healthcare sector, and the human capital capabilities of Ukraine's healthcare sector.