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Ukraine to cooperate with Canadian centers specializing in work with veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder

12 June 2023

Minister of Health Viktor Liashko and First Lady Olena Zelenska discussed the possibility of such cooperation with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. They met during a visit to the Lisova Poliana Veterans Mental Health and Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Canada is one of the active partners of our country, providing invaluable support during these difficult months of the russian-Ukrainian war. This assistance is diverse: from hosting 200,000 of our internally displaced persons to funds for generators, protection of the Ukrainian energy system, and demining.

“Mental health is a topic that becomes especially relevant in the context of the horrors of war that both our soldiers and civilians are forced to face on a daily basis. In fact, Ukraine is going through a unique experience that we must build on, while also attracting the best global expertise and best practices. We are working to ensure the provision of a full range of quality psychological rehabilitation services, as mental health is inextricably linked to physical health. Our soldiers are protecting us on the front line, and we have to take care of them here. I am grateful to Mr. Trudeau for Canada’s attention and readiness to cooperate in this extremely important area for Ukraine,” said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.

Currently, the parties are discussing the possibility of implementing a new joint project. The joint project would be a medical partnership between Lisova Poliana and Canadian centers specializing in working with veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. The project is planned to be implemented within the framework of the All-Ukrainian mental health program “How are you?”, which is being implemented at the initiative of the First Lady.

“We are pleased that Canada was chosen as our partner at the state level, as it is one of the leading countries in the study of mental health, in particular of veterans and military personnel. Canada has a large number of very well-known world-class researchers who implement and research new influences and methods of working with psychotrauma. This experience is very important to us. We have been working with several Canadian experts in recent years, and as part of the new project, we will have the opportunity to expand their circle. Moreover, such cooperation allows us not only to learn from Canada’s experience, but also to share our 9 years of experience with Canadian experts, as we have a rather unique context of the war in Ukraine today,” said Kseniia Voznitsyna, director of the Lisova Poliana Center.

It should be recalled that Lisova Poliana Veterans Mental Health and Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is an institution with a unique model of psychological recovery. It combines the best international standards of psychological care, innovative methods, and an individual approach.