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Ukrainian laboratories received modern equipment for diagnosing various conditions and diseases of patients

21 February 2024

Ukrainian laboratories have received blood gas analyzer systems designed to diagnose patients with serious conditions with various diseases. The equipment was purchased through the cooperation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria with funds from the Fund.

It is worth noting that such modern equipment can significantly reduce the time for tests and ensure high-quality research and accurate results. With these analyzers, the test takes only 70 seconds. A quick test allows us to quickly make an accurate diagnosis and start the necessary treatment for the patient.

In addition, such a study can identify various pathological conditions within the human body, assess the quality, and adjust the treatment of various diseases.

For reference: blood gas analyzer systems are devices that comprehensively assess the state of the human body and provide the doctor with information on all important indicators of the patient’s vital signs. The equipment is used in the treatment of various diseases, including diseases of the bronchopulmonary, cardiovascular, endocrine systems, sepsis, etc. This equipment is also needed to provide effective medical care in case of critical conditions.