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Viktor Liashko: Our goal No. 1 is high-quality, affordable and free medical care for all citizens

19 June 2023

This was emphasized by the Minister of Health of Ukraine during the First Health Forum, which is taking place these days in Poland with the participation of Dr. Hans Kluge, Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and Mr. Adam Niedzielski, Minister of Health of the Republic of Poland.

“The Ukrainian healthcare system is going through really turbulent times. At first it was the COVID-19 pandemic, now - a full-scale war. This is a time of challenges and a time of change. Changes that allow us to hold the medical front: to continue to provide medical care to all those who need it under any circumstances. To treat and save. To save lives and restore them. Today, I thank my Polish colleagues for all the help and support that Ukrainians feel. It is truly priceless. Together we are overcoming the most difficult challenges. Together we are doing everything to ensure that the medical system survives and Ukraine wins. We are working not only reactively, responding to current needs, but also proactively, implementing strategic changes,” noted Viktor Liashko.

The First Healthcare Forum is a platform for discussing the challenges facing the healthcare system both nationally and globally, taking into account economic aspects. One of the Forum's discussion panels was devoted to the issue of rebuilding Ukraine's healthcare system. The participants emphasized the importance of taking into account the best international practices in this process.

“Ukraine is part of the European family. Obtaining the status of an EU candidate almost a year ago is a formal confirmation of the irreversibility of European integration processes, including in the healthcare sector. We are engaging and will continue to engage our European partners in the reconstruction process and rely on the best practices of the EU countries. Our No. 1 goal is to serve as a reliable rear guard for our defenders and ensure the provision of high-quality, affordable and free medical care for all citizens,” the Minister emphasized.

To this end, the state continues to move towards strategic reform of the healthcare sector and implementation of systemic changes. The Healthcare System Development Strategy until 2030 is in its final stages. The infrastructural stage of the healthcare reform is also underway: the formation of a capable network of medical institutions, where the state can guarantee the provision of a clear list of types of medical care in accordance with the role of the institution in the network. This process is inextricably linked to reconstruction. The Minister emphasized that given the limited financial resources, it is important to prioritize their use. That is why the funds will be primarily used to purchase the necessary expensive equipment, carry out repairs, and engage medical specialists in accordance with the types of medical services provided by a particular healthcare facility in a capable network.

The participants also discussed potential opportunities for public-private partnerships and investment in the Ukrainian healthcare industry. They discussed medical infrastructure, the pharmaceutical industry, clinical trials, medical tourism, medical education, health tech, and many other promising areas.