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Viktor Liashko: Poland is a reliable ally and partner of the Ukrainian medical industry

23 May 2022

This was announced by Health Minister Viktor Liashko during a meeting with Polish Health Minister Adam Nedzielski at the 75th session of the World Health Assembly. 

According to the minister, due to the support of international partners, the Ukrainian healthcare sector works smoothly and is provided with the necessary medicines and medical equipment. 

“We are extremely grateful to the Polish government for the help we receive from our partners. The Polish healthcare system, like all other systems, was one of the first to lend a friendly shoulder to Ukraine and help it respond in a timely manner to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation,” Viktor Liashko said during a conversation with his Polish colleague.

Also during the meeting the ministers discussed the restoration of medical infrastructure that was destroyed by Russian troops. 

The new network of healthcare institutions will be formed taking into account the best international practices in accordance with the principle of hospital districts,” the minister stressed.

In addition, the parties to the dialogue paid attention to further cooperation in the field of medical education and Ukraine's acquisition of EU membership. Following the meeting, it was decided to hold a bilateral forum to finalize the agreements reached.