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We invite our foreign colleagues to work in medical institutions during this difficult time

27 February 2022

Since the Russian Federation has begun the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian occupation forces have hurt the civil population, caused damages to infrastructure, educational institutions and other objects. The invaders do not disdain anything, even shooting at medical institutions, medical emergency teams.

Every day more and more adults and children need medical assistance. Soldiers on the front lines need emergency medical aid.

Medical workers provide assistance day and night. At this difficult time, the medical system is in need of resource support. Currently, there is an urgent need for health care workforce to help both along the front and in the rear.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine thanks all friends and partners from dozens of countries and international organizations for their readiness to provide humanitarian aid and assistance with medical personnel.

We are grateful to all our foreign colleagues who will respond and help us during this difficult time.

We invite our foreign colleagues who are striving to defend Ukraine together with our doctors to contact foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine in their countries.

You can also fill the following form:

Also, you can contact our national coordinators:

We can overcome the common enemy only by joint efforts.

The future of the world is in our hands!

Glory to Ukraine!