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We will unite the whole world and together we will restore healthcare facilities destroyed by the invaders — Viktor Liashko

5 May 2022

A worldwide campaign to raise funds for the restoration and medical support of healthcare facilities damaged by Russian invaders has been launched in Ukraine. The initiative called United 24, which has been presented today by President Volodymyr Zelensky, will be the main source for fundraising in support of Ukraine.

“Today, all attention is focused on Ukraine. The whole world is amazed by the strength and resilience of our soldiers, by the heroism of our doctors and the sacrifice of our volunteers. Today, the entire civilized world is together with Ukraine. We feel that thanks to the tremendous support we receive every day from all over the globe. The figures speak for themselves: during the 2 months of war, we have received humanitarian aid of over UAH 6 billion. I am sure that we will do even more together under the United24 initiative:  we will rebuild Ukraine and return peace to our land,” stated Health Minister Viktor Liashko

The United24 initiative is a fundraising platform that brings people together from all over the world who want to help Ukraine. Donations can be made in one click from any country in the world via the official website Funds will be distributed in three areas of assistance:

  • defense and demining;
  • humanitarian and medical aid;
  • restoration of Ukraine.

To donate, please, go to the platform website.

All funds will be transferred to the accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine assigned to the relevant ministries:

  • Ministry of Defense of Ukraine,
  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine,
  • Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Health, together with other relevant ministries, will report weekly on the distribution of donations.

Any donation is a significant contribution to Ukraine's victory over the aggressor!